Real world websites and applications using ServiceStack

mflow's HTML5 music player! mflow's new HTML5 music player mflow's original QT/C++ music player! mflow's original QT/C++ music player - for PC & Mac Free la Musica! Ajax app to view Spotify's data, using only SQLite mflow API Ajax Demo Made for Google HackCamp on using the mflow API

Open Source examples and demos apps built with ServiceStack!

Redis + StackOverflow! Mini StackOverflow clone using jQuery, C# and Redis GitHub-like File Browser over REST! GitHub-like browser to view remote files over REST Backbone.js TODO Redis + REST app Backbone.js TODO app with Redis and REST backend Northwind data services! ServiceStack features using a real-world dataset The Redis Admin UI! Admin UI - for browsing and managing data in Redis REST at the Movies! REST Web service example for Movies with REST Log! Hello, ServiceStack! Creating a Hello World Web service from scratch Ajax client examples Ajax client demo and web service samples

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