As an Open Source project our primary goals are to broaden the reach of our software, grow our community and expand our knowledge-base. To measure the state of ServiceStack's ecosystem we've collected some stats to track our progress towards these goals.

ServiceStack's 21st Dec (End of Days), end of 2012 Community Report

At the start of 2012 we were still a fairly unknown option in .NET and were only 6 months into offering official releases on NuGet which were off to a relatively slow start. We started to see our first real momentum after publishing our initial benchmarks helping solidify our reputation as a performance-focused framework and from our first real exposure to a wide .NET audience with our January interview on hanselminutes kickstarting an exciting year for ServiceStack...

Throughout the year we've made constant and significant technological progress in implementation and features with the release of our New API that was well-received on Hacker News closely followed by our Razor and HTML ViewEngine support upgrading ServiceStack to a full-featured web framework capable of having the same service serving REST, Web, Mobile, SOAP and MQ clients. To improve message throughput at StackOverflow Careers we enhanced ServiceStack's MQ Support with a new multi-threaded Redis Mq Host allowing different services to be parallelized and processed in the background. We also cut Careers build time in 1/2 by adopting ServiceStack's node.js-based Bundler for all our js, css and less compilation and minification needs.

Mid year update

Our technical progress ensured by mid-2012 we had gained a lot of momentum by the time we published our first status report. We've continued to grow rapidly since then and have collected many of the end-of-year statistics below to track how well we did in 2012.

Public coverage

2012 was also the debut of ServiceStack's first official presentation at a tech conference with @demisbellot's first What is the ServiceStack intro talk at in October. The year continued to host a number of other talks performed around the globe by other ServiceStack Community members: Stefan Poulsen, Kyle Hodgson, Rob Gibbens, Sam Abraham and others. Whilst John Sonmez creator of ServiceStack's PluralSight course has done a string of Interviews, including The Tablet Show and has ended the year as we started by appearing on Scott Hanselman's popular hanselminutes.

With the current momentum behind ServiceStack we've started to see interest from high-profile IT sites like InfoQ who last week published an in-depth interview with ServiceStack's project lead explaining the differences in technology and philosophy from WCF. Part 2 of the Interview will be published next week on InfoQ explaining what a message-based service is, the motivation behind ServiceStack's HTML Story, the state of .NET Open Source and some of the exciting things we have planned for next year.


One of the statistics we're especially proud of is the number of new Open Source contributors we've been able to attract throughout the year, we're even happier that many were first-time contributors to Open Source, doing our best to encourage more .NET developers to participate in OSS. Having lots of contributors are important for ensuring a high quality and value-focused code-base as they provide a tight feedback loop ensuring we only add real-world useful features capable of supporting multiple use-cases that are hardened and tested against different environments.

We started the year with 35 contributors by mid-year we hit 88 contributors and we're now ending the year with an impressive 140 Contributors!. As it's rare for a .NET project, the news that we broke 100+ Contributors was also announced on InfoQ

NuGet Downloads

Following our slow transition to NuGet we only had 10k downloads in January but by mid year we hit our first major download milestone with more than 100k downloads on NuGet. By the end of the year we're happy to report we've doubled that figure again with now more than 222k total downloads!

ServiceStack Community

GitHub Watchers

Along with downloads we've also increased the size of our community having more than doubled the number of watchers on GitHub which has seen us move from the 13th most watched C#/.NET project on GitHub at the start of the year to our current standing as the 6th most watched C#/.NET project on GitHub

Twitter Followers

Our notifier of real-time news and recorder of User feedback, the @ServiceStack twitter account has also seen a sizable increase in followers, recently breaking 1k followers and sitting now with 1160 followers:

Beyond GitHub and Twitter we've created a new ServiceStack G+ Community which has added more than 202 members in just the last 10 days.


Questions on StackOverflow

Other than our comprehensive wiki documentation, another great place to maintain a growing knowledge-base is on StackOverflow since you can get direct answers to real world problems. We're happy to see this number more than double from 356 questions grow to 740 questions in the last 6 months.

We also saw an increased interest from the wider .NET community seeking a Pluralsight video on ServiceStack. This call was answered by John Sonmez who created a comprehensive 5h 27m ServiceStack Pluralsight course that quickly shot to @pluralsight top 10.

3rd Party Resources

Our 3rd Party Community Resources section has also seen many new additions of Blog posts, Articles, Community projects, Examples, demos and more in this last year.

2013 and beyond...

Although 2012 was our best year yet, we're planning on making 2013 even better with plenty of exciting releases and news announcements planned for next year. Watch this space!